Author: Kuhu Ahuja

The History of Board Games

For many people, board games represent a staple of family gatherings. But do you know that board games actually go back much further than many of us might initially think.  All the way back to the Beginning The earliest ever recorded Board Game is SENET traces of which have been found back in 3500 BC... continue reading
Theme Park

Theme Park recommendations across India for Kids Day Out!

Millennium kids can be found more indoors, hooked on their phones rather than playing a sport outside. So, it's time to snatch off the phones and explore some exciting places and have a day out with your kids. From riding thrilling roller coaster rides at theme parks to learning about the city's rich history, these... continue reading

Books that every Kid should read before entering Teenage!

If life can be seen as a series of experiences, then reading is the tool through which we can truly understand those experiences. Reading consistently from an early age is an incredible way for social development, especially considering the large base of knowledge they will have when encountering new situations. Childhood reading has proven educational... continue reading