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How to Play – Business GST

by Sayan Karmakar on Apr 20, 2023

How to Play – Business GST

Business GST


Business GST is a popular strategy-based board game. Business is all about taking the right decisions at the right time and the players will need to be firm about their strategies in winning the business game.

Number of Players

The game can be played by 2 to 4 players and another player can become the Banker.

Game Play

Every player will get INR 25,000 Cash at the start of game from the Bank. Bank can never run out of cash. You can use plain paper to make currency. Every time a player lands on or passes ‘Start’, s/he will receive INR 1500 from bank.


Here there are two ways:

a) All players take turns and cast their dice till they score ’12’. Whoever scores 12 can start moving. All others will remain at ‘Start’ till they cast 12. Once a player starts moving, he has to reach/pass ‘Start’ after travelling through the cities once and only then s/he can start buying Property.

b) All players will cast dice once. Player who obtained highest score in the previous cast will begin the game.


In the game, each city is a property. If a player lands in a City (e.g. Mumbai) and is unable / not interested in purchasing it, bank will auction the property and will sell it to highest bidder. If no one purchases, property will remain unsold. The price of each city is mentioned on the board. To be able to buy everything wherever the player lands is the key strategy in this game. It’s all about how to make the right moves and do business successfully.

When a player lands on the property owned or purchased by another player, the player will have to pay rent to the player who owns the property. The player who owns the property can also build a house and charge more rent for properties which have similar colour. The price of each building depends upon the city it is situated. The players who are owners should build houses on the property in uniform colour.

Business gst game

Utility Concerns

If a Player lands on any utility concern (Eg:- Airlines, Railways, etc), he can choose to purchase it at the price mentioned on the title card or pass it on. If a player owns a utility concern, s/he is entitled to get rent as per the title card.


All taxes, fines etc. should be paid to the Bank. Sale of properties, collection of money, mortgaging of property, erection of house and hotels all are done through bank.

Chance & Community Chest

If a player lands on either of the above places, they can draw a card from the deck that you get with the Business game and act as per the instructions given on the card. Players can receive money or lose money and even be sent to jail if the instructions given on the card states that.


A player is sent to Jail only if they cast three doubles (two 1’s etc.,) thrice in a row or if received a card saying “You’re sent to jail” through a card from the Chance / Community chest. When a player lands in jail, if it’s during an ordinary course of play, you’re just visiting no need to pay bail out amount.

When in Jail, the player cannot play until the player is freed from the jail. However, they can continue to collect rent, buy houses, participate in the auction, if they have made that much money. A Player can get out of Jail in two ways:

  1. Roll a double 6 when the player gets his chance.
  2. Pay Rs 500 fine to the banker player and be able to make a fresh move in the next turn. But he will not be eligible for Rs.1500/- while crossing the Start for that particular turn.

Business gst game

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Each player should pay GST to the bank Rs.50/- for each constructed House and Rs.100/- for each Hotel (maximum to Rs.500/-) when he arrives at the GST site.

Income Tax

When a player lands on this space, he will have to pay Rs 50/- (max Rs 500/-) per property owned to the banker player.

Club House & Rest House

When a player lands in Club House, the player will have to pay Rs 100/- to all players.

On the contrary, when a player lands in Rest house, he is entitled to receive Rs 100/- from all other players.

Business gst game


To get higher returns on your investment in sites, players should construct houses and hotels on their sites to get higher rental incomes. Green and Red house indicates construction of house whereas Yellow indicates Hotel.

  • A player must own 3 sites of same colour group to start constructing houses or hotels on those coloured sites.
  • More than one house cannot be built until the player has built a house in all the different coloured sites.
  • To construct a HOTEL player must have 3 houses on each site of the colour group.
  • Each Player should pay 5% GST on every transaction made (Purchase, Sale, building hotels or Houses) to the bank, rounded off to the nearest Rs. 50 /-.
  • When you are the owner of three sites of same colour group, the rent is charged double of the amount shown on the title card on all unimproved sites of the same colour group.
  • If bank runs out of houses, players have to wait until one of the players will sell the house back to the bank
  • If bank has only one house or hotel left and if there are multiple players wanting to buy it, bank can auction it and sell it to highest bidder


Only Bank can mortgage any property. The mortgaged value is shown on the site card. An interest of 10% is payable on this amount when the mortgage is to be lifted. No constructions are to be mortgaged but returned to the Bank as above.


If a player finds himself unable to meet his liabilities to other players even after selling all sites and erections thereon, he goes into liquidation and hand over his case to his creditors. A player can sell their property to bank or any other players. Bank will act as a regulator and see that all such transactions are fair deals. At any instance you cannot buy more than one property from Bank against a loan. Only once you repay the loan, you can ask for another loan.

Winning The Game

If a player is unable to meet his bank dues, the bank takes over all his assets and sells them by auction. The player then removes his counter from the board and retires from the game. The last player left on the board is the WINNER.

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