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Ways to reuse Board Games!

by Sayan Karmakar on Mar 17, 2023

Ways to reuse Board Games!

While cleaning you may have realised how many board games you have. Often, board games are passed down through generations and you can end up with piles of them that are either unused or overplayed.

But, don’t worry there are a surprising number of options for unwanted board games. Some of the best options are –

  • Donate your games to charity

An excellent option for your unwanted board games is to donate them to charity or NGOs. Even though you may not enjoy a board game anymore, it could bring hours of fun and smile to someone else.

Donate to charity

  • Create a Journal/Book cover

As a board game board is often quite solid, it would make a great and unique cover for a journal. All you have to do is cut the board to fit the size of the journal and then bind it together to make it a hard solid cover for your journal with those quirky colours and patterns.

Create a Journal/Book cover

  • Create a Display

Board games often have eye-catching and abstract designs, which would make a great piece of wall art. If you completely flatten out your board game and find a frame to fit its size, you can combine the two to create a quirky piece of art. These can add a piece of unusual art and a splash of colour to your home while reducing the mess.

Create a Display of games

  • Make Scrabble tile jewellery

If you’re a fan of unique jewellery, your old scrabble pieces will make a great new necklace or a set of new earrings. You just need to paint your Scrabble tile in the desired colour and add your individual design to it. Once you’ve done this and your paint has dried, you can add silver accessories (earring wires or silver necklace bails) that turn your game pieces into jewellery.

Make Scrabble tile jewellery

  • Make Jenga Necklace rack

If you have some old Jenga pieces lying around, you can make an incredible necklace rack for your jewellery. All you need to do is design a layout, add paint to suit your room, and glue the pieces together, it will naturally create hooks for your jewellery as you do so.

Make Jenga Necklace rack

  • Make a Domino wall clock

If you have a piece of appropriately-sized wood and a clock kit, the dominoes make up the time. A domino wall clock is a unique idea that allows you to bring old and new elements together, and would make a fun gift too.

Make a Domino wall clock

These are some few ways in which you can use your board game or board game pieces productively and create an amazing abstract out of it. With your creativity you can come up with more ideas and it can be gifted to your loved ones as well and can be used in your day to day activities too!

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