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Brainvita ? An Interesting Board Game For Kids And Adults


  • Brainvita Board Game To Stay Determined and Builds Up Patience
  • The Brainvita from Shree Creations is a board game that is designed to elevate your childs concentration power. It is an ideal game to bring about the competitive nature of your child.
  • Strategise your moves and place the marbles accordingly on the board to win the game.
  • Brighten up the holidays by engaging your kids with this impressive board game
  • Can be played alone or with others


  • 1 Good Quality Plastic Board
  • 32 Marbles


  • Length ? 18 cm; Width ? 17 cm; Height ? 2 cm; Weight -200 gram

Age Group :

5 and above, an Ideal game for Adults too.

Brainvita GAME

How To Play

  • Arrange marbles to begin the game.?The board has multiple holes requires the player to place the marbles in it.
  • A valid move is made by horizontally or vertically jumping one marble into an empty hole over a non-empty position or hole.
  • The marble, which has reached the jumped position, has to be removed from the game board. This process will be continued until you finish all the valid empty positions.
  • Diagonal moves are not allowed. When there are no marbles left to jump over each other, The Game is over.
  • Player with the least number of marbles on the board wins.

Additional information

Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2 cm

112 reviews for Brainvita Mind Challenging Board Game

  1. Srishti Mishra

    good one.

    Nice game to keep u engaging when u r alone.

  2. Vivek H.

    Three Stars

    Low quality plastic with very less space between slots to play.

    2 people found this helpful

  3. umadevi.cochin

    Good..but costly


    One person found this helpful

  4. Amazon Customer


    Product as per description and picture.

    One person found this helpful

  5. Amazon Customer



  6. Siddhant Chothe

    Very reasonable

    Just found this childhood game and thought of buying looking at its reasonable price.

  7. Amazon Customer

    But good for a time pass

    The board and coins are too small. But good for a time pass. Make sure no kids are around. They may swallow the coins

  8. Abhiram Mohanty



  9. Anand83

    Good Product

    Have Fun

  10. Sri l.


    It’s great, reasonable. But the only thing is the toy does not have a glossy finish as shown it has a matte finish. But it’s awesome

    One person found this helpful

  11. Vinothini



  12. Amazon Customer

    Very dmall

    Very compact, can’t put fingers to pick marble

  13. Manish Mishra


    Good product


    My feedback


  15. Vamsi Krishna Pula

    Value for money

    Value for money, but bit small in size..

  16. Gourumanasa

    Three Stars

    Not bad the crustal not good

  17. Piyali Bagchi



  18. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Good !

  19. Shalini

    Very good

    Very gud time pass game ….must buy

  20. Swapna nair

    Brain o brain for kids

    Helpful game for kids mind

  21. Nambirajan


    Nice game for kids

  22. Rahul Neelamkavil



    One person found this helpful

  23. abhay

    price efficient

    Good product

  24. Sanju

    Marvel marble game

    Valu for money mind blowing game

  25. Keerthi

    Four Stars

    Ok. Quality is ok with respect to it’s price

  26. Joydeb Bose

    Low quality

    The marbles are of low quality….Delivery on time.

  27. Meenu bala

    Very good quality brain game

    The game is of good quality. The small balls in it are also very good quality. Children liked it a lot

  28. AK

    good product for the price


    Very good

    It’s really good game. It is fun game for all kids, adults everybody. Product quality is good and it is exactly as what is shown in the pic. Worth buying.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    finally got this… daughter loves very much

  31. Shaik Abdul Wahab

    Good buy

    Good enough for the price and the utility.

  32. Neeliaayush

    Good quality

    It’s amazing for flights

  33. veera praveen



  34. chandrashekar


    Value for money

  35. How does the name matter?

    Very nice


  36. Suzeeta

    Wonderful and economical toy

    Good for brain sharpening .. excellent game

  37. Harrish

    Nice … A very good game

    A very good qualityMust buy it

  38. Divya Manalan

    It actually comes with 2 more games➡️🐍 snake and ladder, ludo and search.

    Superb !

  39. Aman moni

    Mind game

    Great mind game to keep your kids busy. They spent time when get interest in game.

  40. Amazon Customer



  41. Bharti

    Superb Product

    It’s a superb product, really liked it, suitable for all. But some of the marbles are bigger in size. But liked the product.

  42. S.Mohamed Ansarudeen



  43. A S Narayn

    This was an old favourite of mine when i was growing up

    This was an old favourite of mine when i was growing up. However was unable to purchase it anywhere in the recent past as I wanted it for my kids.Was delighted to find it available on Amazon. The base is made of very cheap inexpensive plastic but I suppose this is right for the price quoted. The marbles from when I remember it was absolute black but the ones in this set were of the ordinary common variety. This is a beautiful game great fro challenging the mind and developing analytical thinking and not-to-mention adorable time-pass.

    2 people found this helpful

  44. Ronald Christopher

    Not so good

    Not good plastic.

  45. Allison

    Good timepass

    It’s nice, worth money

  46. AK


    good product for the price

  47. Amazon Customer


  48. Mathew Varkey


    Everything fine.

  49. Naisha

    Nice product

    Quality is superb and great fun while playing

  50. brajesh m.

    It’s been amazing brain training indigenous game

    If you have child age of 3 and above this is must buy product.1. Plastic quality is good.2. Marble s are durable. Overall I find it best for my child.

  51. Arpit neema

    Reminded me of long train journies

    Well plastic quality is good,but I feel price can be reduced.

  52. Prashant Verma

    Nice for kids brain activity

    Good for kids activity

  53. D Jagannath

    Brain storming product👍

    I remember that in my child hood time I used to play this game. And now my son is playing the same. We both just love to play together.It helps to utilise the brain too.

  54. Bhargavi rao


    The product is good at its price

  55. Shafia thahseen


    As expected

  56. Tamilarasu

    Good but size small

    It’s good but size is small as picture it looks bigger than what we got..

  57. Saumya solanki

    Brain vita

    Loved it amazing

    3 people found this helpful

  58. ravibabu mande



  59. Amazon Customer


    Built quality is very good

    One person found this helpful

  60. naveen



  61. SARAVANAN Ramasamy

    Value for money

    Value for money

  62. Rucha


    Overall Good

  63. None

    classic and wonderful

  64. Manashi biswas


    No extra marbel..anyways good..

  65. Anil Kumar Reddy


    Good product


    Okay nice product.

    Worth full for that price

    One person found this helpful

  67. Rajesh manepalli


    Good for time pass

  68. Deepthi mundru

    little disappointed

    its smaller than expected. the marbles are not good quality, also the plastic used is cheap. to top it up two marbles are missing. really disappointed

  69. Nehal

    Good game

    Good quality for the price. Nice game to scratch up some brain matter

  70. Subhaash

    Interesting board game for kids and adults as well.

    This Brainvita Board is perfect game to stay determined and build up the patience. It’s an board game that is designed to elevate child’s concentration power.It’s an ideal game to bring about the competitive nature of our child. It brighten up the holidays by engaging kids with this impressive board game.

    2 people found this helpful

  71. M D.

    Perfect and preffered

    Excellent good product

  72. Rajeesha

    Good for kids

    This was a game of my childhood days and was searching for one for my kids…the product is good…as it was back in my childhood…a good engaging game

  73. Suryanshi

    A good intellectual game

    Its tough for me to keep kids seated but this Brainvita game helps.Kids and even adults develop the habit of concentrating.Also, good make and quality

  74. Syed Ehtesham

    Must buy!!!

    Best game to spare ur tym n mind exercise.!!!

  75. Apurva Kaluskar

    Best product quality at this price.

    Value for money

  76. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Okay for brains

  77. suvidha

    Good one

    Good for mental growth of the child.

  78. Sunder

    Value for money

    Some marbles are small in size. Difficult to move it, but overall good buy

  79. Anita Maharana


    A great product to train your brain

  80. Bhanu Mannem

    normal product

    Normal product.We can ge outside for 20rs. not bad

    One person found this helpful

  81. Meenakshi

    Nice product, but its very small. Expected bit bigger size

    Not exactly it’s smaller size

  82. None

    Good buy

    classic and wonderful

  83. Maneesh Srivastava

    Value for money

    Average product

  84. Sumitra Ramesh

    👌Happy to buy

    Nice, best gift for teenagers.

  85. Muskan


    Nice product go for it

  86. Jini M.

    Value for money

    Very useful game to play in spending time during this lock down.


    It’s gud toy to engage my kiddu.

    My kid like this toy

  88. anusha a.



  89. indresh kumar

    Good but size small

    It’s very small, good thing is it’s made in India

  90. Gagan

    Mind Blowing…

    1.Product Quality is good2.Marbels are strong3.Playing intruction are helped to play4.Brain sharpness is best for child with this game5.white colour of board is of peace….

  91. Nikesh Arvind Patel

    Nice Game……. Entertainment for Kids

    Cheap and Nice

  92. Amazon Customer

    Nice one but small size

    This product is very nice but the size is somewhat small.

  93. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars


  94. sunil kumar



  95. Yogita phalak

    Good one

    Very good product

  96. Shobhana

    Buy it


  97. ravi shankar



  98. Devi

    Good product


  99. Vinodkumar Dasari

    Good time pass activity with your kids

    Good time pass activity with your kids

  100. Preet More



  101. A

    Ordered it thrice!

    Good brian game for all kids and Adults!

  102. Shanmugam

    It’s good gane

    Value for money

  103. Padmaravi S



  104. Raka_nandy

    Very good

    I gifted it to my neighbour’s brother on his birthday. He really liked it and played it with his dad everyday before going to school

  105. Nikita Pandey

    Improve marbles quality

    Nice game kids loved it…. bt some marbles are unevenly round , they can improve marble quality. Rest all ok

    3 people found this helpful

  106. Karina. Singh

    Brain sharp

    Yeh bachho ke dimag ke liye Achcha hai

  107. Raj K

    Quality product

    Can buy it

  108. Ankita Ghoda

    Nice Quality, good product

    Nice product. Have been a fan of this while I was a child happy to get a good quality one for my child too.

  109. Rushi Shah

    Best for Kids

    Nive Game

  110. Suman Verma


    Best for kids and adults to to do regular brain exercise.came in good condition.value for money.I like it.

    7 people found this helpful

  111. Pratheeba


    Good.. but glass pearls are breaking soon

  112. Surfer1

    At par with price

    Green uneven marbles. Wanted beautiful colourful ones. But serves the purpose at that price

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