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poker chips


  • When you buy into a poker game at a casino, you?re exchanging your money for poker chips. But the way the poker tokens work depends on what type of game you?re playing. In poker tournaments, you?re playing for a piece of the prize pool. The number of people who share in the prize pool and the percentage they earn depends on the tournament.
  • Casinos use different poker chips for cash games and tournaments, so there?s no risk of the casino losing money by handing over cash for tournament tokens that aren?t actually worth anything. Within a casino, poker chips (the ones with cash value) work just like cash.
  • You can use your poker chips to pay for virtually anything on the property ? a buffet dinner, something from the gift shop, tips for the waitress. Of course, the rules vary from property to property, but this is the standard.

Round Ceramic Poker Chips


  • Color – Random
  • Weight ? 11.5 g Poker Chips
  • Size ? 40 mm Diameter
  • Material ? Ceramic Poker Chips
Poker set

learning game

Additional information

Weight 0.67 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 cm
Pack of

100 Pieces, 200 Pieces, 300 Pieces, 500 Pieces

62 reviews for Ceramic Poker Chips for Casino

  1. Hemant Pandey

    Four Stars

    The quality of chips are good.


    Good to have fun

    Good to have fun with your friends

  3. Rupak Kr D

    Heavy and durable

    11.5gms chips and heavy, love them

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  4. Akshatha

    Definitely go for it

    Super quality

  5. Varun Jalan

    Very poor quality of chips

    Quality of the chips are not upto the markVery poor quality and there spots on mostly all the chipsAnd the chips are not at all premium as mentioned in the description. They are same as any other poker chips. Chips are not ceramic they are made up of very cheap plastic. If i knew i will ne getting these chips at this price i would have taken the chips with a proper case. Very expensive to be honest amd waste of money. On top of that there is no return or exchange option available.

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  6. angad b.

    Wrong product details

    Wron product description…..only 100 chips in the courier

  7. Amazon Customer

    Opened packs…..seems like returned package from someone

    Not that great….not worth d amount paid

  8. mohit

    Not so good

    Not so good as I expected. Few chips received were dirty as well.My friend has clay chips from casinoite, those are much better.

  9. Aakash Teotia

    Excellent product

    Excellent product

  10. shailen chawla

    Good Product But…..

    I really like the quality of the product. The chips are well made and have a nice solid and heavy feel to them. The cards are quite nice. However, the reason I have not given 5 stars to it because all of this comes without a box. The whole product would be even nicer if there was a nice box to keep all of this in

  11. Amazon Customer

    Best ones, but overpriced

    Perfect quality poker chips, these are the best ones i have ever used, but have to return them as they are over priced, other companies are giving almost equivalent quality chips with briefcase, playing cards, and other stuff at 999

  12. N

    Good quality

    Worth the price

  13. Anant

    good product

    heavy casino like chips love it

  14. Marie padival


    I thought it should come in a box

  15. Amazon Customer

    Cheap look and feel

    Looks and feels cheap

  16. Muhammed Ameen

    Durable and solid

    Real casino feel.worth for the money.

  17. Krishna

    overall ok. colour is not uniform

    A few are broken & the color is not uniform. Product would have been really good if the color was uniform & brightIncluding a box for the chips would have been good

  18. Shivek Arora


    I have no idea why I am giving 2 stars and not 1.The colours are so faded than in the picture.I specifically asked them to not print denomination on chips, they agreed, and yet the one I received had denomination printed after all.I did tick “it is a gift” but they didn’t bother placing the card I asked.The printing is leaking.The numbers and weight of chips are as promised, so that’s something.

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  19. Vasudev k.

    reqired only allu case for 300 pockercoins

    Excellent product very nice for pocket games but This isn’t having allu box can I order only allu case for keep 300 pokers coin please intimate so that I can order as well as give contact details of suppliers so that I can send them orders

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  20. Shubhankar Mahapatra


    They claim their product to be Ceramic/Clay and Heavy.But its CHEAP PLASTIC. With denomination printed on it, NOT EVEN DEBOSSED.

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  21. PrKg


    Product matches description. The chips are of ceramic and sturdy. The print/paint is not very fine, it does bleed in the design but nothing major. Though they should provide a container/bag for the chips.

  22. Shamith Puthran

    Cards missing

    Product description clearly mentioned that the chips included two packs of cards. Sadly it was not part of package when i received it!

  23. Rahul rupani

    Awesome product

    I love the quality of the product, something i can actually say its value for money, we enjoy playing poker, aftr purchasing this product its like double the fun…… I’ll definitely gonna recommend others to buy if you love to play poker

  24. Neeraj G.

    Good buy.. but not Great buy

    6 $10 green Chips missingRule book is in FrenchNot 11.5 gm as was mentioned in descriptionRest is ok

  25. Rajat Mishra

    Used & poor quality

    The overall look and feel of the coin is that of a sub standead product. It has dlness of a used product and some of markings on the coin is like painting dine by hand with no precision at all. Let down in a friends’ gathering

  26. Amazon Customer

    Quality is superb

    Great quality. I was worried if it would be without denomination or with only 3 colors. But i got all colors with numbers written. It’s much better than carrying case around everywhere.

  27. Kiran

    Really value for money

    It’s worth

  28. Bhadkiaftab

    Didnt get 100 and 10 rupies chips

    Didnt get 100 rs and 10 rs chips

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  29. Aryan Sharma

    No container to hold the chips

    Today I got the delivery of styles poker chips. Agreed, these are of good quality but I was really disappointed to see there was no box or playing cards with it. This is such a small addition which could have added value to the product.

  30. Vaibhav

    Love that chuckling sound!

    Very nice quality, only thing is print is little blurred.Value for money.They have provided customized order as requested.Thanks 👍😊

  31. Swati Agarwal

    Very nice

    It’s too good

  32. Harshit Krishan anand

    These poker chips are awesome

    Awesome poker chips….

  33. Kshitij Arora

    Nice quality chips

    These chips are perfect for house parties, They are heavy and of good quality. They are worth the money. The only downside is that they don’t come in a case.

  34. yale

    Poker chips

    Good , value for money

  35. Hamid Siddiqui

    Good Buy!

    We’ve been using these chips extensively during the lockdown. They’ve truly been tested and haven’t disappointed one bit.

  36. Rohan Kamble

    Awesome Chips

    Best chips to buy at such a low price of 5 rs per chips, chips are awesome 💖

  37. Devashish Chowdhary

    Good quality value for money

    Chips are of same quality that is being sold on any gift games shop in market.Plus point is that you get denomination on all chips. You can also get customized denomonation ask seller.Five star to its quality. As i am using poker set which i baught from market 300 chips with case. I got short of some more chips,so orderd these loose chips without carry case, these are of same quality. So go for it.

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  38. Shopoholic

    Wrong description

    Worst product


    Good tokens for cards

    It is good and value for money.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Ohhhh..that chipping sound of the Chips !

    Great packaging..Nice feel to the fingers of the casino like chips !! surprised to find denomination in the chips which wasn’t there in the description but I as to match with my Casino Case chips !!So appreciate it.. delivery was delayed though, so it could be faster !!Otherwise..a must buy for those seeking extra quality heavy chips !!A stylish case to keep these extra chips would come in pretty handy and may be considered to be provided by Amazon.

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  41. Pawan Khanna

    Good product

    Thickness is good. Paint is fading though after some usage. But worth buying. Good heavy playing counters.

  42. Jayanta Debnath

    Got 5 types of chips instead of 4

    I wanted 4 types of chips as shown in picture, but instead got 5 types.

  43. Roshan P

    They are Just Superb. Ceramic Made

    They are Just Superb. Ceramic Made

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  44. ankit

    Not upto the match quality.

    Material is very cheap plastic. Some prints are also off.

  45. Amazon Customer


    All the chips are equal in number and as described. They were numbered as shown in the product display pic.

  46. P

    Quality poke chips – Love em

    They’re not lying about the weight on these chips. Plus they customised and shipped it super quick. What a great job and an excellent product.

  47. Dr Danny Sharma

    Perfect chips

    Good material and quality… M happy with it

  48. Ayush

    Well worth the money

    This is a pretty awesome set of poker chips for what you pay for them. I have had a few house games now and every time my friends say, wow these are really nice chips. They have a great weight to them in the hand and a nice sound when you splash the pot. Other than that great set. I would definitely buy these as a gift for a friend or recommend them.

    3 people found this helpful

  49. susant kumar palai

    Four Stars

    Decent quality.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Customizable good quality chips

    The chips are heavy and I am very happy with the quality. denominations and color customization based on availability. Worth the price!

    One person found this helpful

  51. AJC Andover

    Love the feel of this chips!!

    Great feel and weight. Feels link I’m in Monaco. Wish it came with a case to hold, but will make that myself.

  52. Yash Kothari


    The weight of the coin gives a good feel.A little shiny finish would be good.Overall good value for money

  53. Amazon Customer

    Don’t buy this

    Don’t buy this. Gets less chips compared to specifications

  54. Black Prince

    Good Quality

    Chips r realy good quality. Little bleeding on the printed amount. Other wise good product..

  55. Medard

    should have options

    Wish i could have got 100 of one colour as id already purchased the 500 chip set and needed more of 2 colours for the lesser denomimation

    One person found this helpful

  56. Ashok Reddy Baddam

    Loved it so much

    Excellent quality, looks very professional

  57. Samarth Kemwal


    Not plastic. Some clay like cheap material. Not as advertised. The is way too much money for this. Very bad printing as well. Not satisfied with product at all.

  58. Dhananjay Gupta

    good heavy chips

    good heavy chips

  59. Amazon Customer

    Really good

    Apart from a couple of chipped pieces on a couple of chips, I really liked them , good size and decent weight to it and think they are worth it, i even got them printed when asked

  60. Sastry Susarla

    Good product.

    We want another set of the same coins not of specified denominations100. 5 off50. 20 off20. 45 off10 30 off.Could you please arrange. On confirmation I shall repeat the order for the above denomination.

    One person found this helpful

  61. Amazon Customer

    Good quality

    Very nice quality….heavy coins…love to play Eid dem

  62. Ajitesh Shankar Das

    Excellent seller but product is disappointing

    First off, props to the seller for customising the order as specified. You may contact them as they are very responsive in confirming order specification and rest assured that they will deliver on their word.But the product itself is a bit disappointing. Read below:-Chips are heavy and has nice sound to them when played.-But the material feels like clay and not ceramic. Edges are rough.-The colours are bleeding and seems to have been absorbed by the clay material-Paint boundary of design and denomination are not perfect and are also bleeding-At this range (200 @ 999) I expected quality to be a little betterOverall, I guess you could go for these as an upgrade from plastic chips unless you want order the casino chips set.

    6 people found this helpful

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