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jumbo sequence board game
Sydney, Australia 2019-12-04 Friends ready to play sequence board game with color chips and playing cards. Hands dealing cards to start the game. Cheese platter board and drinks on side

In a JUMBO size

Make a connected series of five of the same color marker chip in a straight line, either up and down, across, or diagonally on the playing surface. When the draw deck becomes depleted during play, all discard piles are shuffled together to create a new draw deck.

jumbo sequence board game

Premium Quality Game Mat

There are printed chips in the four corners of the game mat. All players must use them as though their colour marker chip is in the corner. When using a corner, only four of your marker chips are needed to complete a Sequence. More than one player may use the same corner as part of a Sequence.

jumbo sequence play mat

Creating A Sequence

Any number from 2 to 12 that is divisible by 2 or 3 can play (2,3,4,6,8,9,10,12). Up to 3 may play individually. More than 3 must be in teams. No more than 3 teams can play.

jumbp sequence

Kids Mandi Make a Jumbo Sequence Strategy Game

Comes with Jumbo Size Playing Mat, Cards and Chips
  • The first player or team to score the required number of five-card Sequences wins the game.
  • Each card is pictured twice on the game board, so choose your space wisely.
  • Number of Game Players: 2-12


  • For 2 players – 7 cards each
  • For 8 players – 4 cards each
  • For 3 players – 6 cards each
  • For 9 players – 4 cards each
  • For 4 players – 6 cards each
  • For 10 players – 3 cards each
  • For 6 players – 5 cards each

jumbo sequence

jumbo sequence

For more instructions on How to play the game, refer to How To Play ? Sequence.

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Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions 39 × 30 × 6 cm

30 reviews for Jumbo Sequence Board Game

  1. Jesu Noel

    As such the game is interesting. Quality of the product is also good. Only concern I have is, the mat is made of cloth material because it is very big. So it is not rigid. But it has to be like that Only because of the bigger size. The other products maybe hard cardboard but it could be smaller size. Because off this it is easy to place the can very well Buy this product.

  2. SS

    This is fake from the top of the box. See the spelling if sequence in the advertised picture vs real picture

  3. Amit Fulwadhya

    I play this everyday, and I’m in love with it.

  4. Chethan

    Poor quality card and chips

  5. Ashokrajan

    It is a good game, but the product quality is poor

  6. renu dutta

    Ordered a couple of other sequence board games but this one turned out to be the original good quality one. Card, board and chips are of good quality. Must buy if you wish to play this amazing game.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Recommend jumbosize ,very usefull if planning to buy consider jumbo size.Quality of the product is not bad but not great. Mat is of good but coins is of the other side but surely playable. This Quality didn’t distrub my game. Good and enjoyable.

  8. Govind Kumar

    The sequence is very huge and hence it’s feels great while playing using it. The kids love it and just can’t get over it. I recommend it to everyone who wants such a huge one

  9. Pardeep

    Pics shown doesn’t match with the product.- Playing Mat is really big but quality is low. Can be easily tear apart.- Chips are plane (no design or written anything on them). Plastic of very low quality. They are not sturdy and can break with small pressure.- Two deck of Cards available. But they too are normal playing cards not specialized (printed) sequence cards.- Instructions are available in English.Overall, not at all happy with product.

  10. Rashmi

    Its a super addictive game. Keeps kids off screen for hours. Quality of the game is also good. We all enjoy playing a lot.

  11. Greeshma

    A very easy to learn fun game that can be played by everyone kids and adults alike!Pros : The board is Huge, so its easy to play. the chips and cards are also big and easy to deal.cons :1. the board material is like felt cloth. changes of it getting dirty is high.2. two of the chips color are just 2 shades of green so it may get difficult to differentiate.But overall , its worth the buy. and its been enjoyed by many member of my family.


    Sequence is one of the best indoor game ever.its a complete family game.even senior citizens can play this the lockdown ot really helped my play to spend time together.

  13. Sunita Lal

    The printing on the mat is terrible quality and so are the chips and the cards. Badly made. Do not waste your money. And they have no return only replacement. What a scam.

  14. Vishal sharma

    I loved the overall quality of the product. The size and material of the mat is excellent. The quality of the cards and coins are also superb.Overall I am happy with the delivered product

  15. Sneha

    This product is super classy because it is Jumbo size, like a cozy mat and comfortable to play with. Very much easy to learn and have fun.

  16. Sherol

    Amazing product. Would honestly suggest people to buy this product. Less stress for the eye. It’s suitable for for playing indoor and out door. The material quality and packaging is very good

  17. Aliasgar

    The package was in worst condition and the box was also damaged when I opened the box everything was messed upand it was not having all colours coins. And it was missing some chip’s aswell.

  18. Amazon Customer

    it is so good to play in big or jumbo size the only problem is it not card board but cloth type material but works out,tho

  19. rahul gupta

    Awesome game. Loved the game, makes you use your logical abilites.Product qualityCoins – Great qualityCards – Normal cards, could have given plastic cards for this rangeMat -1. its thick, but feels like it could get torn, could have been better2. Mat size justify to its name, jumbo, it changes the feel of the gameOverall, game is amazing, jumbo size of mat gives a fifferent feel, quality is fine, could have better for this range

  20. balakumar bharathi

    Sequence it Sequenc?Look at my pic.Jumbo sized game and it looks a bit cheap

  21. Saumya Jain

    I liked this more than the traditional sequence as it comes with interesting colours and has a huge mat as compared to a small board. The game is very interesting and can be played by kids and adults.

  22. anjali

    The quality of the mat is very’s very clear and zoomed in, 12 players can easily play it…coming to coins – they are actually good quality and have soft edges- Kids friendly ( if u have kids roaming around )the cards are well finished, polished and smooth.You can go ahead and purchase it, its better than the mini game

  23. Moiz

    Perfect product

  24. Vineet

    It is the original sequence game, and sold under pseudo name sequenc. It contains a big cloth mat in place of board, with cards and coins in 3 color. The mat can be used as table top as well. Good buy.

  25. Sandeep Kumar

    Good product quality. Very interesting game, both for kids and adults. Good option for gifting.

  26. Pragya Sahay

    A great board game to play with family and friends.

  27. BK from Mumbai

    Nice product

  28. Hemant

    Missing chips in one color

  29. Shruti panwar

    I like the product very much specially the size of the board is nice. Its huge. Its a good family game and time goes like a second. We can play singles or in teams. its fun entertaining game so worth buying.

  30. Sneha

    Very happy with the product quality.Card quality is also very good. Happy with board quality.

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