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3 LED Light-Up Modes!

Press the On/Off Button to switch between the 3 LED Modes ? Quick Flicker, Slower Pace or Stand Still.

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Relieves Stress & Anxiety!

Pop Tubes have proven to be an excellent sensory fidget toy that helps reduce irritability, release internal stress & enhance attention span in children.


Let Your Child?s Imagination Run Free!

Enhance the child?s creativity. Create fun colorful shapes, hearts, stars, and even bracelets ? All by simply twisting, bending, and stretching the pop tubes.


Multisensory Stimulation!

LED Pop Tube Fidget toys target the Visual, Auditory, and Tactile senses, resulting in a great multisensory experience for the child. LED Pop Tubes have been proven to improve Motor skills and increase Grip strength in children. It also improves Eye-Hand Coordination and Motor Planning as the children attempt to connect the tubes to create different shapes.

Great for Party Nights!

LED Pop Tubes can prove to be a great companion for those dimly-lit nights of partying and fun unlimited! Suitable for neon theme parties, beach light parties, concerts, party favor bags, Goodie Bag Stuffers, return gifts, prize boxes, treasure boxes, etc.

Pop tube led
Pop tube led toy

Vibrant & Eye-Catching!

LED Pop Tubes are extremely lightweight and it fits perfectly in your little one?s hands. They can be carried around everywhere and played anytime. Bring pop tubes to the park, beach, school, or on car and plane rides. Made of strong and durable PP plastic, this will last hours of pulling, bending, snapping, and popping.

Additional information

Weight 0.364 kg
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 2.5 cm
Set of

6 Pieces, 12 Pieces


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