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Ludo and Snake
Ludo and Snake and Ladder Deluxe

Family Entertainer Board Game Ever

It is an Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. Derived from the ancient game Pachisi. Ludo is popular in many countries under various names.

  • The playing field has numbered
  • Gridded squares
  • The object of the game is to navigate one?s game piece, according to dice rolls, from start to finish, helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectively.
  • It includes 1 Double-Sided Play Board, 1 Dice & 16 Counters.
  • For 2+ players
  • Fun for a broad range of ages
  • Especially fun for children
  • Ultimate board game
  • Perfect for taking while traveling

Sale For One Pack

  • A Two Sided Playing Board (Ludo & Snakes-Ladders)
  • One Dice (1.5 CM)
  • 4 x Red Pawns (3 CM)
  • 4 x Green Pawns (3 CM)
  • 4 x Blue Pawns (3 CM)
  • 4 x Yellow Pawns (3 CM)
Ludo and Snake Board game


Bold & Durable

The Ludo Snakes and Ladder Board Game is a classic fun-filled Game. It shows a variety of colors including bright shades of Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue. It is highly durable and could be stored almost anywhere.


Skill Development Strategy Game

This board game is perfect for young children who are developing their ability to count as well as their hand-eye coordination. The rules are simple enough that young children and non-native speakers of English can pick up the game very quickly.



Delux Game Set


Large Board


Comes with Convenient Design


Additional information

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 39.5 × 20 × 3.5 cm

10 reviews for Ludo Snake and Ladder Board Game

  1. Nayan jain

    Best value for money

    Perfect partner for Diwali vacation.Best childhood memory which even today i love to play. Every time i travel in train, i keep it with me.The plastic they used is very durable.The board is also of nice quality.I strongly suggest this game for those, who are born in 90’s and request new generation to try this and get out of digital world for atleast sometime.

  2. Dhanya Binu


    Good product easy to handle

  3. Rati S.



    One person found this helpful
  4. Arun d dhandhukiya

    Nice 1

    I like this ludo and snake game it’s very nice u can play ludo and snake game in one board .it’s easy to learn game and in this price range it’s value for money .

    One person found this helpful
  5. Prem H Tiwari

    Best game for kids during this lockdown.

    This is a delux product made of thick board paper and coated with plastic cover to save from further any damage. It has both ludo and snakes and ladder game back to back and parents can play with thier kids. It is worth your money.

  6. varun kothari

    Best for kids

    It’s very nice , my nephew loved it… So my toh paisa vasool pls it’s plastic coated so no tension of spilling any water , eatabbles anythnf

  7. Abhishekjangir

    Best game

    Ludo is all time favourite game of everyone. Kids and adults both play and love this game. Game received at good quality and at best prices. Completely satisfied with the product.

  8. AJ

    Go for it

    Loved the big kegs for the board. The board is big and laminated.

  9. Kajal Shah

    Must buy for kids

    Value for money worth buying for kids… It is nice thick nd laminated board .. quality will last for long.. 2 games in one snakes and ladder and ludo … My kids are happy

  10. RAHUL

    Nice product for timepass

    Board is thick and nice quality, with attractive colours. ludo and snake games on both the side of single board. Board is coated with plastic. Packaging was nice. Good product

    One person found this helpful
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