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Ludo Game

Great Ludo Game In Mini Pack

  • Board Size: 22 x 22 x 0.5 cm
  • Pawn Size: 3 cm
  • Dice Size: 1.5 cm

Best Quality Material

  • Board Material ? PVC Laminated Paper Board and Plastic
  • Pawns and Dice Material ? Plastic

Two in One Game Set

Ludo is a board game for two to four players. Players race their tokens from start to finish according to to die rolls. This wonderful board game is a simple version of the Indian game. This is one of the finest Ludo Sets available on the market today. This game is surely a source of fun and enjoyment.

Undeniably Fun To Play

Two exciting games to play in one board. Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die. On the other hand Snakes and Ladders is a game to navigate one?s game piece, according to to die rolls, from start to finish, helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectively.

Ludo and Snakes and Ladders Set, Small Size


Fun For The Whole Family

Ludo is derived from Pachisi, a cross and circle game originating in India centuries ago. This game has truly stood the test of time and variations of it are still being played throughout the world.

snakes & ladders

Classic Game

This is a classic game that is fun for a broad range of ages. This game is especially great for children. This game brings friends and family together. ?2 to 4 people can play at a time. To get a game started faster, some house rules allow a player with no pieces on the board to bring their first piece into play on any roll, on a 1 or a 6, or allow multiple tries to roll a 6 (with three rolls being the most popular).

ludo game

What?s In The Box

As part of this order, you will receive one set of Ludo Snake and Ladder Board games. The box would contain 1 Three Folded Playing Board (Ludo on one side and Snake and ladder on the other), 1 Playing Dice and 16 Playing Pawns.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 4 cm

60 reviews for Ludo Snake and Ladder Board Game

  1. Shashi

    Good product

    Very good product

  2. Brad Wolcott

    Great game

    Fun game brought back memories when I played the game with my mom

  3. RE



  4. Sujata

    Very good

    Very nice hard Bound good cardboard.

  5. Uma Nagaraj

    Good piece

    I like it

  6. Moises

    Good game

    Nice game

  7. Dev Prasad


    Worth the buy!

  8. Angom Sarjubala Devi



  9. Jituuu


    Excellent product Quality.Very good games for kids.Very useful product. this product is very Craftsmanship & also very Sturdiness.Value for money.

  10. Jeff

    good product

    as expected

  11. Shashi Ranjan Pathak


    Quality good.

  12. Bhupinder Singh

    Read my comments below:

    Good one….

  13. Phyllis J.

    Great learning to count game for children

    A boardgame from my childhood. I ordered this to play with my 4 yo granddaughter. She can already count, but this gives her a little practice in addition because of the dice. It’s probably a little advanced for her because of all the rules, but she is learning and it’s the first game she pulls out when she comes to stay. We just play until she decides ‘enough’ & we put it away until later.



    I’m very satisfied. They are high-quality and worth the money.

  15. Nandini

    awasome product

    Very good board for ludo and S&L, just like childhood days. No problem playing with 4 people game quality is good

  16. Avinash

    Worth of money

    Product is gud 😍Worth of money

  17. Jacqueline Villeneuve

    very satistied

    good packaging, very statistied

  18. punam Patel

    Very good

    Good materials nd good game for kids and adults

  19. Amazon Customer


    I love that play game

  20. Deepak Goswami


    Very good

  21. Ana Elisa Avelino

    Smart and fun game

    The perfect game to pass this crazy time

  22. Kajal Shah

    Must buy for kids

    Value for money worth buying for kids… It is nice thick nd laminated board .. quality will last for long.. 2 games in one snakes and ladder and ludo … My kids are happy

  23. Sujoy B.

    product review

    good product just that a dice roller should have been there otherwise you have to roll the dice in your hand.

  24. AJ

    Go for it

    Loved the big kegs for the board. The board is big and laminated.

  25. Sachidananda Senapati

    It is a nice product.


  26. Thomas Joseph


    Very good

  27. Kathleen Barrett

    Looks great!

    Looks like a nice old fashioned set.

  28. Benjamin S

    fun game

    I played this as a kid in the 70s and now play it with kids of my own. Fun game way back when and continues to be in 2021.

  29. Bikashita



  30. Jhalak Jain

    Good product, quality could have been better

    Quality of the product should be better at this price.Hence giving 3 stars.Overall nice ,we enjoy playing Ludo and snakes and ladder on the board.

  31. R


    Ok Purchase it

  32. Priyanka

    Worth buying

    Good one go for it

  33. Elizabeth Gonzalez


    I grew up playing patches I , must have when grands visit. So glad to have in collection of faves.

  34. Rishabh Dwivedi



  35. prinkles


    Good for kids and grown up

  36. Amazon Customer

    Good game

    This is a good family game to play

  37. Srikanth

    Good product

    Value for money

  38. literaryobsessed_

    Great Game

    This is a fun game for the whole family

  39. brijraj singh Kushwaha

    Snakes and ladders

    Very good item I was not expecting this to be a complete set at 200 I was thinking that something will be missing but it is very goodI like this very much.

  40. Mainak Sarkar

    Nice product

    Really good can trust it

  41. Rashmi

    Very good product.

    Very nice

  42. Amazon Customer



  43. Ganesh




    Good one

    Good for kids

  45. Amazon Customer



  46. Srinivas reddy


    Very nice

  47. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful and nostalgic

    I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find either Ludo or Parchisi in the toy stores nowadays. I used to see it on the shelves of most toy stores. Recently when I felt the urge to play it again, I looked around to purchase a set and none of the stores carried it. Looking online, there were so many versions, with such varying prices that sometimes bordered on the ridiculous. When I found this set on Amazon, I pondered over the purchase of this set for quite a few weeks as one can never tell the quality of a product, nor the size through photographs. Having purchased it, I am glad that I did. Opening the package, I was grateful for the quality and its stylish design. Needless to say, my family and I have since enjoyed playing it again; and for me, my wife, and my ageing parents, it brought back many memories. No regrets.

    One person found this helpful

  48. RameshBhai Rudabhai Parmar



  49. jenny

    More cutthroat than I remember

    My 8 year old and I almost had a rumble during this game. The rules can result in brutal outcomes. I don’t remember this game being so exacting in its attacks when I was a kid. Good times!

  50. Sharad

    Excellent product

    Happy to play with it.

  51. birundha


    My son like

  52. Abhishekjangir

    Best game

    Ludo is all time favourite game of everyone. Kids and adults both play and love this game. Game received at good quality and at best prices. Completely satisfied with the product.

  53. Debbie

    Fun game

    I used to play this game with my family many years ago. It’s a fun, easy game so I thought I would buy another so we could play it again. Fun times with family.

  54. Nadimpally Satyanarayana Murty

    But it is gap between

    But it is nice😄👍👌

  55. Prince konwar



  56. rohit daga

    Value for money

    Good quality and size

  57. Rahul

    Fair product, however I expected it to be more sturdy..

    Good product. But binding would have been more sturdy. Having said that my children enjoyed it and hence that sufficed the purchase decision

  58. Dhanya Binu


    Good product easy to handle



    Just like the old days.

  60. Rati S.



    One person found this helpful

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