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Kids Mandi Picnary Junior Game


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Regardless of how old you are, a game of Picnary will always be something that you will enjoy for trying to make your teammates understand your squiggles is something that should lead to a lot of laughs.

  • GAME THEME –  Picnary junior is a fun-filled game where clues are sketched and teammates have to quickly guess the word.
  • BRAIN GAME FOR KIDS – This game helps improve your kid’s artistic, vocabulary, and imagination skills. Help your kid to learn and enjoy at the same time. Someday you can also unwind and play this wonderful game with your child.
  • EDUCATIONAL & CREATIVE – Educational Game and Develops Creative and English skills of Kids
  • HIGH-QUALITY – Made with High quality materials for kids to be safe while playing


  • Brain game for improving artistic, vocabulary, and imagination skills.
  • Learning and enjoyment at the same time.
  • Promotes positive group dynamics.
  • Fast & fun game for ages 6+ and older players can play together.
  • Includes: 120 cards (1,200) words; 2 picnary pencils; 2 drawing pads; game board; 2 “sketch” playing pieces; 1 timer; 1 spot die.

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 5 cm


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