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Round plastic poker chips set is casino-grade poker chips without denomination. Plastic chips are much more than composite or even most clay composites. our poker chips are weighted at 3G which is lighter than the traditional 10G authentic casino chip. This gives them a classic sound and feels typical of poker chips. by purchasing these you can plan the perfect poker game at home or outdoor. Chips are incredibly versatile and cost-effective. rules: when you buy into a poker game at a casino, you?re exchanging your money for poker chips. But the way the poker tokens work depends on what type of game you?re playing. In poker tournaments, you?re playing for a piece of the prize pool. The number of people who share in the prize pool and the percentage they earn depends on the tournament. casinos use different poker chips for cash games and tournaments, so there?s no risk of the casino losing money by handing over cash for tournament tokens that aren?t actually worth anything. Within a casino, poker chips (the ones with cash value) work just like cash. you can use your poker chips to pay for virtually anything on the property ? a buffet dinner, something from the gift shop, tips for the waitress. Of course, the rules vary from property to property, but this is the standard. product size:- mat ? 45 x 21.5 Inch (L x H) chips ? 1.5 Inch dice ? 2 cm package includes:- one playing mat two crystal dice 300 plain poker chips (Multicolor) two decks set.

Poker 300
  • The perfect game to learn strategic skills.
  • Serve as a great source of entertainment on game nights and casino-themed nights with friends and family.
  • There is a total of 300 casino chips. These colorful counters look beautiful & attractive. The plastic poker chips have rounded edges & lay flat, stack well and have a pleasing clunk when rifling.
  • ?Contains : One Playing Mat, Two Crystal Dice, 300 Plain Poker Chips (Multicolor), Two Decks Set. The Playing Mat is Foldable. Also, all the items come in a Cardboard Box for easy storage.
  • PRODUCT SIZE ? Mat ? 45 x 21.5 Inch (L x H), Chips ? 1.5 Inch, Dice ? 2 CM

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Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23.5 × 5 cm
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