Who Doesn?t Love A Good Classic Game of CHESS?

Introducing our exclusive new Tournament Chess Set with Plastic Filled Chessmen and Roll-up Vinyl Mat!

We took the traditional tournament chess mat and made it better. Unrolled, the board measures 17 x 17 inches with 2? (5.1cm) squares. Your chess pieces will continue to glide during play as on a traditional vinyl board. This board is also easy to clean in the event that you are playing outside. This is sure to be a favorite accessory among the tournament players.



Unmarred Product Quality

  • Compact Packaging.
  • High-Quality Chess Pieces
  • The mat is made of Black/White Vinyl.
  • Board folds up easily and always lies perfectly flat every time.

chess, tournament chess

Durable, with a Premium Feel

  • Tournament style 17 x 17-inch board with algebraic chess notation
  • This chess set includes one Mat and 32 solid plastic coins.
  • Sleek and durable modern-minimalist design featuring a 3.70-inch tall King.


Tournament Approved

  • On each side, there are Algebraic notations for better game analysis.
  • Get your family and friends ready for the beautiful world of chess.
Tournament chess play


Numerous studies have demonstrated a link between chess playing and improvements in educational performance. From visualization and strategic thinking to enhanced memory and concentration, the benefits of chess playing are infinite. It is not surprising that children who play chess are able to process complex cognitive tasks, with data indicating that young children utilize higher-order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities.

  • Ideal for Professional Chess Players.
  • Easy to take to the park or any outdoor place.
  • Easy to fold/roll up, store, fold and carry.
  • Chess pieces are made of premium quality plastic.




Additional information

Weight 0.539 kg
Dimensions 46 × 11 × 11 cm

64 reviews for Roll-Up Vinyl Tournament Chess Set 17″ x 17″

  1. Ayush Mahapatra

    Nice and big pieces


  2. Vijay

    Good quality

    Cheap and best

  3. Swati

    Very nice

    The chess roll is really very good and its pieces are also made up of very fine quality plastic.I also get score card and a pen with this chess set. experience playing with this chess set very nice.

  4. Bhaumil Patel

    Value for money

    Finally i have own chess board.. after bored with online chess games

  5. Manan Singh

    Good deal

    I already had chess but that has big board really hard to travel with it, So I bought this. I did not expected this, The built quality of chess pieces are strong and classy. It has 1 bag and 2 small bags for chess pieces which is very convenient for tournaments.

  6. Vivek

    Mind Game

    Good mental learning skill development game

  7. Krishna

    Value for money

    I got this few days back, Here are the best thing about it1. Bag helps when you are traveling (picnic, friends place ….etc).2. 17″ X17″ Size this is professional chess set3. heavy weighted chessmen pieces4. Booklet to record game (not yet used)My club member liked it so much.

    2 people found this helpful

  8. Dhananjay Taware

    Awesome Chess board with efficient pricing

    Ordered this board out of excitement of learning chess after i watch current chess world championship. And I am totally satisfied with this product experience. Chess piece set is come with good plastic quality and vinyl also washable.Good board for chess tournament as it also contains chess notation of board and it has chess moves sheets. Carry pouch makes it more attractive as you can easily carry it anywhere. I totally recommend this board to all chess lovers.

  9. sudhir pratap singh rathore

    Wroth product

    The media could not be loaded.

     Nice product in less price we enjoying it

  10. bhupendra singh Shekhawat

    Quality & size of pieces is awesome

    Pros – Quality & size of pieces are awesome.Cons- 1) manufacturer should provide extra 2 queens2) Carry bag zip and overall stitching & it’s material is not good

  11. Mehul

    Best Classic chess board

    The best thing I like is that the cloth material is soft and the printing is of great quality . Also it can be easily carried away with the bag provided along with it . Overall the chess set is great . Must buy.

  12. Raj

    Quality is good

    This light weight chess rolling mat is really easy to carry while travelling. Of course a great value for money. It’s durable unlike the chess board.

  13. Vikas

    Favorite games

    I like is game . Easy to take to the park and travelling because it is easy to fold , carry. 17″×17″ size this is professional chess set

  14. Abhishek Kant

    Piece sizes are not professional

    While the price was tempting, the piece sizes are not very professional.

  15. Indrajeet Singh

    Best product on Amazon

    It is the best product on Amazon . It has a very good quality. I gave it to my child. when he was 6 and now he is a district champion

  16. Ishwarya

    Nice product but Sheet is so thin coins are nice. It’s plastic

  17. Madhvik

    Good built quality

    Quality of dice is very good. Well maintained chess board. Cover bag is also received so no dice can be lost. Chess board is of vinly material so it is easily foldable.


    Worth for the money. No hesitation needed. Go for it.

    The pieces are solid and have decent weight. Worth the buy. I am super delighted with the product.

  19. Harnoor Singh


    This roll on chess is very unique product comes with good quality can easily carry this chess with me and play the game anywhere

  20. Chetan MG.

    Good product

    Value for money.


    Good one

    Very good product. Enjoyed playing with my grandson

  22. Amit Kumar Dhingra

    Amazing Product

    Very good quality chess game. I like it very much. I recommend to buy this product

  23. Manjusha Patil

    Awesome Chess Set

    This is one of the best Chess Set I came across ,This borad is so handy & easy to clean ,It will help your children to boost their critical & problem Solving thinking ,Best Set for Kids

  24. Avinash kumar

    Its a awasome

    Guys.. this is an absolutely fantastic buy..if u too are a chess fan. You will definitely like this product.The board is fantastic, the pieces are awesome, the bag to keep the board and the pieces is great and the extra set of white and black queens is wonderful. It’s a awesome I suggest one time buy.

  25. Nidhi Garg

    best chess

    it’s very awesome chess. I liked all the things of this chess. Price is also affordable.

    2 people found this helpful


    Logic game.

    My sons school had started a chess training since last year in his school. So he was behind me that i should buy him the chess board as the chess sir gives in school. We were adement that u learn to play the game properly and then we will buy u the game. Few days back when we had been to his friends house they both started playing the chess. And for my surprise my son was playing good. Chess improves ur logical thinking and imbibes the quality of being patience. So then i immediately decided to buy him the game. And here he plays the game with his father very interestingly that i felt to share their image playing the game.

    2 people found this helpful

  27. Niharixx


    The game comes in a big bag which contains the pieces packaged well and the board game rolled up and wrapped in plastic. There is also a scoring sheet along with it. The quality is good and it’s perfect for travelling as well as gifting. It is ideal for beginners and is worth the price

  28. Asma K.

    Quality of mat.

    Chess mat is not of good quality and knight is different from the knight shown in images.

  29. Aman

    Very nice chess

    This chess is very nice. It looks premium and quality is also good. It is same as shown in image. One can buy this product which thinking much. Just go for it.

  30. jeyapal

    Good product

    Good product

  31. Tejpal Pathak

    Awesome product for every chess lover

    When it came i was really happy that packaging and carry bag was nice.It is very easy to carry around.There was one sports event where I took part in chess and I took mine with me.Also the pieces are very good built.Definitely would recommend for regular chess players.

  32. Karmvir Rana

    Cheap Chess set

    Sent me a black mat with the pieces not as per standard size and are small ones that look cheap.

  33. ravinder

    Good One !!

    Hi, It is very easy to carry while travelling. Chess pieces are of plastic and well crafted except few pieces were having edges. Still there is chance to improve Chess mat bit more. It is good and wrinkle free.

  34. Yash kumar Sharma

    Worth buying it… value for money product!

    Its been a few days since I got the chess set. It is a good quality set with vinyle mat finish with 17″ X17″ Size this is professional chess set with heavy weighted chessmen pieces they feel good in hands as well as they are eye appealing. it comes with a carry bag so you can carrry this set wherever you go while you are travelling or want go on friends place for a game of chess it also comes with a booklet to record game points this is a must buy for beginners and professionals as well because this set have all the things you need in a game of chess.

  35. Soma

    Nice product

    Nice product

  36. vijaya


    Excellent but bear with the smell of the mat for few days

  37. D R Panda

    Very Best

    The product is very good. Value for money is 100%.

  38. Vivek Kalaiselvan

    Worth the money.

    Very nice product.Quality of Product is Gud.Size of the product is Gud.Can easily fold and store it.

    One person found this helpful

  39. Sammuvismu

    Value for money

    The quality of chess is board is soo good. And this is one of the best thing is the bag is super handy to carry anywhere.. chess set is value for money.

  40. Ajay Kumar Sahoo

    Super Easy To Play

    This chess board is easy to use because the board is made up soft rexine. The chess pieces are very fine hard quality plastic. Available with 2 separate bag for storing black and white pieces. Sweet thing is the whole assesories are coming in a small dumpling bag including a pen and and competitor note book.

  41. naveen yadav

    Its mat is not good enough in quality

    Mat is very light and not of good quality

  42. Charmi

    Long lasting superb quality value for money

    I like the sqaure chess board as it is very flexible and can be used for longer period and also the pieces are very rich in quality too and it can be used at champions level too and can be carried easily to any place I’m loving it

  43. Rohan gow

    Nice professional looking chess set

    Great buy…. nice professional looking chess set…

  44. Richa Gautam

    Travel Friendly

    I bought this for my daughter who is just starting her chess lessons.The pieces are solid and smooth.But most importantly the vinyl chess mat is foldable (rollable), which means we can take it with us on our trips and we can continue practicing.The algebra grid also helps in learning.

  45. Charmi

    Long lasting superb quality value for money

    I like the sqaure chess board as it is very flexible and can be used for longer period and also the pieces are very rich in quality too and it can be used at champions level too and can be carried easily to any place I’m loving it

  46. Anbu

    Tournament chess set at best price

    Nice tournament chess board at best price, nice quality and good making good use of it.

  47. Suhani

    Amazing product..

    This product is really amazing..Quality is vry good..Vry usefull for growing kids to learn new things..Go for it 👍

  48. Yogesh Gada

    Nice product

    Nice product.. finishing is nice as shown in picture – easy to carry anywhere while travelling.. worth money

  49. Pammy

    Good for beginner and professional player

    I bought this chess for my son, recently he start to learn chess. Chessboard is rexine meterial, it very easy to carry everywhere, and chess pieces quality is very good. This chess is best for professional player, but also good for beginners.

  50. Shershah

    Good game for kids with strong built quality

    Best part is packagingIt is very easy to carry the gameQuality is also good

  51. Yashika


    The packing and everything is just great.

  52. Deven


    This Chess set is good quality.l receive this in a bag.

  53. Pulkit

    Some pieces were missing.

    Some pieces were missing.

  54. Nitish Kumar

    Very Good Quality

    The chess roll is made up of good quality vinyl and its pieces are also made up of very fine quality plastic and its weight is also very standard as per the chess tournament. I also get score card and a pen with this chess set. experience playing with this chess set very nice. it looks a very premium quality product.Thank you

  55. eric robbiola

    just ok

    a bit smaller than expected..was expecting a bag..

  56. Poonam k.


    This chess is awesome the pieces have proper designs, and it can be carried easily.Amazing product one must try!!! 😄

  57. Bipin Banavalikar

    Looks professional

    Chess set looks grand with a medium bad containing chess board sheet, score keeper, pen and separate small bags for black and white pieces. Chess pieces are also big and heavy, which gives a nice premium feeling while playing the chess.


    Good quality. Value for money

    The pieces are shiny and nicely crafted. Chess matt too is of good quality and easy to be carried. Perfect for travelling as it comes with a carry bag and pen and mark sheet.

  59. Sushant


    Playing chess can increases your creativity, It improves your memory. I’ve tried so many chess boards and think to try a carpet chess so I’ve bought this and my experience is awesome so what we expect from seller they are giving a lot in the delivery box i got a chess carrying bag in that 2 pouches of chess pieces, pen and chess score sheet its really nice impression.

    2 people found this helpful

  60. Yash Patil

    Best for chess lovers

    Good quality of chess board. The size of pieces is actually sufficient. Solid pieces and perfect shape. The accessories provided such as bag, pen, scorecard are also excellent. Crazy product for all chess lovers.

  61. Bhavya karani

    Best at most affordable price

    Best at most affordable pricing, best for beginners and packaging was also good.

  62. Neetu Mishra

    Very good quality product

    Playing with chess having good quality is most satisfying .

  63. Jaya

    Best birthday gift

    My son wanted to learn chess and wanted this as his birthday gift. I am happy that I found this at this rate which is also easily portable in handbag.

  64. Santosh

    Good product for improving thinking ability

    Chess is a awesome indoor game that everyone can play from small children to senior makes brain shaper.This is role on chess means board is made of poly vinyl that gives flexibility.Product quality is good,chess pieces are attractive.All together suitable in size and little medium weight chess pieces.No restrictions of age for playing chess anybody can play.

    2 people found this helpful

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