The Original Sequence board game = the Ultimate Solution to all Board Game vs Card Game fights

children playing sequence

Ages 7 and up, 2-12 players

Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you have five in a row, it?s a SEQUENCE. Learn to block your opponents or remove their chips, and watch out for the Jacks ? they?re wild! With a little strategy and luck, you?ll be a winner.

sequence board game

Fun & Engaging Board Game

Sequence board game is exciting game of strategy is fun for the whole family. Great for individual or team play. Easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults

playing sequence game

Package Contents:

The Original Sequence Board Game box containts 1 pc Folding Game Board; 2 Decks of Playing Cards; 135 Playing Chips and an Instruction Leaflet

sequence game

Develops STEM skills

Players select a card of their choice from their hand and place it face up on a discard pile. Then they place a chip on the corresponding space on the board. Each card is pictured twice on the game board, so choose your space wisely!

Jacks add excitement!

Jacks with two eyes are wild and can be used to place a chip on any space on the board. A one-eyed Jack can be played to remove an opponent?s chip from the board. Keep in mind, you cannot remove a chip from a completed SEQUENCE.

sequence game

Winning the game

The first player or team to score the required number of five-card SEQUENCES wins the game. It?s fun, it?s challenging, it?s exciting ? it?s SEQUENCE!

jumbo sequence

For more instructions on How to play the game, refer to How To Play ? Sequence.

Additional information

Weight 0.84 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 5.5 cm

90 reviews for The Original Sequence Board Game

  1. Balvinder kaur

    Not that great

    Chips are of cheap quality. Board is ok, sterdy.

  2. KM


    Purchased as a gift. So was past return date. Board was bent/damaged upon opening.

    One person found this helpful

  3. Jagan G

    Packaging needs to be better

    The quality of the cards are very poor. It could have been plastic. These are made of thick paper. Don’t think they would last long.Overall packaging is also not good. It was crushed.The game as such is good fun. Both for kids and adults.

  4. Gunjan Suneja

    Amazing Game

    This is really an amazing game which can be played with family or friends.. The quality of the product received is really amazing.. and the packing was great too.Its a great fun game to be played at get- togethers.

  5. Harsh

    Great game to play with your family

    This is a great game which comes with a superior quality. The game really helps you to apply some strategy in order to win the game. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your family

  6. prakash

    Most innovative and interesting Game

    Oh!Love it Quite unique concept. You have to think twice . Stressbuster , pleasing game. Good for both childrens and parents

  7. Dhrumil

    Good game

    Very interesting game. Value for money product. Game of mind, strategy and luck. Quality of game bord is good.

  8. KRL

    Worst Quality

    It’s a worst quality board game I have ever seen. Made of a poor quality plastic and paper!!! One star is also too much for this product!

    2 people found this helpful

  9. Arpita

    Most fun group game

    One of the best game. And it’s my 4th purchase. We all enjoy playing this game.Must buy. Delivery was super fast

  10. Mansi Tejas Doshi

    Best indoor play

    Very nice indoor game..Everyone in family likes to play including my little kid….the box has a sturdy board, cards and coins ..Very easy to learn….Must buy board game

  11. Saniya ganeriwala


    Very good pass time game to play with family. Board is of good quality. Deck is nice. Chips are also of good quality. Fun game for kids.

  12. Nikhil Jalan

    Baest game for kids and adults

    Completely satisfied with the product and available at affordable prices with Best quality. Game suitable for both kids and adults.

  13. dhaval s.

    Good quality at this price.

    Its a good quality game. Board is hard and tokens are good plastic. Only thing is that tokens are not enough. It has 50 blue tokens 50 orange tokens but only 35 red tokens (which is not enough to play)

  14. anuj

    Hood game but The quality of chips is not good

    This is a very interesting game but the box I received didn’t have good quality chips, board also looked ok.

  15. Rinkal Kothari

    Family game

    Amazing game it’s best for all age groups. My daughter also enjoys playing with this. Learning is also very quick.

  16. Abhishekjangir

    Best game for mid aged kids.

    One of the amazing games for kids. Helps increase memory power and also is fun loving. Recieved in good condition and at affordable price. Completely satisfied with the product.

  17. Radhika Mantri


    Nice product..Happy to buy

  18. Jinay

    Superb game

    Superb game.

  19. Bipin C Doshi

    Best Product Value For Money Best Game

    The media could not be loaded.

     What A Lovely Quality Product Played Many sequence Gane of Friends But This Is The Best Quality Product Best Cards To Play The Game Unique Part Is That Coins And Cards Are Packed In A Cover of Plastic and Box Which Is Very Usefull To Keep Things In Order. Sequence Board Quality Is Also Superb Very Hard and Strong No Worry Of Tear Or Damage The Game Was Also Packed In The Proper Box So No Damage Was Done In Transit Overall I Must Say That The Product Is Value For Money And Best From Competitors

  20. Neelam

    Amazing Game

    Sequence Game is amazing with all written procedure how to play and it is very easy to lear and and very much interesting

  21. Shashi Gupta

    Very interesting Family game

    The quality of board is very good and sturdy. quality of playing cards is really great in this price range . It’s very easy to learn and very interesting and engaging game for playing with the family and friends. Highly recommended if you are looking for an interesting family board game.

  22. Ashay


    Perfect value for money! My family and friends really love this game. Its fun way to

  23. Sekhar

    Chips quality is not good, Board is ok

    Chips quality is not good, Board is ok

  24. Varsha Pareek

    Average product

    I have played the real sequence game. So after receiving this product I felt that the board is of good quality but the chips and cards both are very poor in quality. So I have returned the Prouduct.

  25. Shilpi Engineering Works

    Product quality not to upto the mark

    The media could not be loaded.

     Used product internal packets was open

  26. Jane Benadict

    Best game for small get together

    Best game for small get together n its so fun to play, it makes strong bond between people as it involves to play in a team/individual n it helps to make our mind attentive. It’s kinda tricky but you can find videos how to play on YouTube plus it has rules sheet which makes it easier to understand.

  27. bija

    Good and usefull product

    Usefull and good product ,worth for money , like it ,enjoyed playing with friends and family , and nice product for spending time with family

  28. Divya Vishwanath

    Worst quality

    The quality of the chips and the board is cheap and small

    2 people found this helpful

  29. Reeti

    Poor quality of chips

    Very poor quality of chips

  30. Rajeev Gupta

    Very bad quality.

    The quality of board, coins.and card is pretty bad.

  31. Pruthvi

    Ok for the price!

    The cards and the board is not of the best quality and bit small in size.

  32. Raghav

    Very cheap quality

    Although I have seen that some people were complaining about the cheap quality, I took a chance and ordered the product for Rs 300. But utterly unsatisfied with the product quality.

  33. Arpit Sanghavi

    Excellent product

    The product us very good for kids and adults as well!

  34. Manvi


    Love the game! Very interesting!

  35. Jatin Prabhakar

    Easy to learn

    The board is very sturdy. The quality of the coins and cards are pretty good. It has a manual which makes the game easy to learn. It is a value for money deal.

  36. abhinav

    Easy and understandable

    Easy to use and understandable game and i m really enjoying it

  37. Amita Gupta

    The quality of chips and the board is not good

    The media could not be loaded.

  38. Nitesh Sarda

    Interesting game and worth buying

    The game of sequence is easy to learn and understand the rule card provided helps in better understanding. It is a nice way to have fun with family and spent quality time. The money value is also good. The quality of game ,coins and cards used in the game is really appreciated.

  39. Sanchita Bansal

    Better than cards!

    If you felt board games are for kids..think again..this is an amazing game involving planning, strategy and is a lot more fun than I imagined, the quality of the product is good and is small in size making it travel friendly as well.

  40. Sushama

    I liked the game

    I liked the game…it’s absolutely amazing. It is not only for kids but also for adults. The product was well packed. Also i received the package on time. U can also gift it.

  41. Jenil Nagda

    Most innovative and interesting Game

    The most amazing and reasonable priced game. The best part was the board quality. Have been playing this game for long time, but it was previously of paper quality. But this board game is of great board quality. Oh!Love it Quite unique concept. You have to think twice . Stressbuster , pleasing game. Good for both childrens and parents

  42. Vadi

    superb board/card game

    superb board/card game

  43. Shalini

    Fantastic game

    One of best purchases I’ve made. It’s really a fun game. The box is bulky, so I removed it and took the game along for our summer trip and the kids played it everyday.

  44. manpreet Kaur

    amazing game

    loved it

  45. Nikhil Bhati

    Best game for all age groups

    Nice, easy and good mind board game. Different from other board games. Easy to carry anywhere and more number of players can play at the same time. Easy to understand so children also play easy with mind exercise. Best game for all age groups.

  46. SM

    Great game

    Very interesting game

  47. Ritika Honey

    Good Quality

    Loved the game. The quality of the board and cards is pretty good. Easy instructions on the pamphlets makes it easy for the new players.

  48. Kiazudeen

    Awesome Feel I Like it Sequence Board… size only not satisfied

    This Borad awesome,deck of cards,coins packing, packing all awesome.. Size Only not satisfied

  49. smriti


    The product is clearly a duplicate of the original. The quality is absolutely low and unacceptable. The board has a sticker of the game, it’s smaller in size, the coins are cheap. It’s clearly a fake but have been charged the same price.

  50. Anshuman Sharma


    Easy to learn.Same as shown. Worth a buy

  51. Altamash

    Best game to play with family and friends

    The media could not be loaded.

     Best game to play with friends and family. The rules are very simple and it is actually a strategy game rather than usual card game.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Dixit Jain

    Wonderful game

    Wonderful game. Very interesting and worth buying. Its great if you have a group of 4-6 people. Very intruiging and it tests your concentration level. Highly recommended

  53. Chandresh Kumar Singh

    Recieved product in Damaged box

  54. Gunjan Mehta

    Product is substandard

    The product looks cheap and is of very low quality

  55. Rohit Dixit

    Great strategy game for 2 or more players

    Excellent game.Thoroughly enjoyable which can be played with family and friends. hugely worthwhile. it’s super fun. Perfect for a lazy day playing board games. I play it with my parents and we learn new tricks to use the jokers everyday.

  56. Sakshi goyal

    Great enjoyment

    Good quality board whole family enjoyed playing fun game for all age groups

  57. Simran Kalra

    Quality of board is pathetic, it just doesn’t sustain for 15daya

    The quality of board is so bad that it cannot even sustain for 15 days.

  58. Manisha

    Duplicate of original but good quality

    Its a duplicate of the original game, colours and card are different but the quality is good.

  59. Sumit Gupta

    Good game but size is small so not appropriate for playing with 6 players

    Good game but size is small so not appropriate for playing with 6 players

  60. Prashant

    Great Game. Worth every penny.

    I bought this game to play with my friends and to be honest I would say one of the best games you can play. It’s mostly suitable for quite all age groups. Quality of the product is great also packaging was quite good. I could always use such games to play in my break time with friends. It’s quite very much fun. Really Enjoyed. Recommendable. Thank you.

  61. DarkKnight

    No manufacturer details.

    Neither the box nor inside game description contain manufacturers name or address or price or any other details about country of origin.

  62. Ankur Joshi

    Very bad quality, second grade material

    This is not an original. The board was torn in places and looked very worn off. The playing cards are so thin that we couldn’t even hold them properly

  63. Deval Tetar

    Kids loved it

    kids loved this and good quality product

  64. Meghashyam

    Intersting game and Good quality product

    Product quality is good.Packing is good.With interesting game to play with friends and family.

  65. Chandan Visariya

    Poor quality product

    Product quality is extremely poor. The board got tore in two days without any much use.

  66. Parth shah

    Superb Game for mind exercise

    This game is good for children above 8 as well as for the adults that can increase your mental ability.Very easy to learn and play. it can be even played with 2 players so no need to gather more people. best for travelling and get to gather. Highly recommended to buy the one for your family.

  67. shailja

    A very fun party game for all ages

    We bought this some time back and could not be happier about the fun its added to all our small gatherings.. everyone we have played has enjoyed it. Its engaging and fast moving and fun to have at home game. The quality of the game received was also good and worthy purchase

  68. Lalita Agrawal


    A nice game. Quality of the board is nice. Enjoyed playing it.

  69. mital dedhia

    Worth buying

    The game of sequence is easy to learn n understand the rule card provided helps in better understanding. The money value is also good.the quality of game ,coins and cards used in the game is really appreciated. Thanks you seller for the nice product

  70. Smit Shah

    Amazing Game

    Game is amazing n in reasonable rate. Quality of this game is there is board. Coin chips & card quality is also very good. The best part is we can play all together with friends n family too. It’s a fun game . N delivered before time..

  71. Maneesh

    Duplicate product

    Duplicate stuff… Look at the spelling of ‘sequence’ on the board provided.

  72. Tarun Patel

    Play it in Sequence 🙂

    This is an amazing game to be played with family and friends. It’s fun, challenging, exciting and ofcourse sequence. It is stragegy based board game for children and adults and almost 2 to 12 players can play together.

  73. Bina Desai

    A very nice game

    It is a super fun game to play with family and friends , we loved playing it ,quality of product is good too.

  74. Shrikant Kale

    Nice game

    You can buy for your child

  75. Aarti jain

    Fun and interesting game

    It’s a fun game to play with friends and family. I purchased it for my kids and they are loving it. It is easy to learn and play. This game is worthful.

  76. Durriya

    The box that is dilivered is different than the box shown in the picture.

    Disappointed by the recieved product. The box is different from the one shown in the picture. In the picture the box has a signature but the box that I recieved did not have any signature. The quality of the product is not good as we can not see the card picture on the board.I would suggest NOT to buy this product.

    One person found this helpful

  77. Amrut Konde

    Quality not Good

    The media could not be loaded.

     Not so good to Buy.

  78. shiva

    Cheap quality

    Cheap quality material and is not worth the price. Though we bought it for somewhere at ₹500 but quality is not good

  79. AMIT

    Received earlier and a nice game ..neatly packed

    A good and simple game with durable coins and takes less space to store and keeps everyone engaged and kids enjoy as well

  80. Divya Thakur

    Small size

    Its a very good game. I have been playing it for years and this is my third set.However, the board size is smaller. It makes it difficult to see the cards printed on the board.Card quality is also just fine. Paper cards, I hardly use it.Game is good. Product is average.

    3 people found this helpful

  81. surbhi

    Great Quality

    The most amazing and reasonable priced game. The best part was the board quality. Have been playing this game for long time, but it was previously of paper quality. But this board game is of great board quality.

  82. Jigna

    Mind game

    Sequence is perfect mind gameFor kids and elders are play thisThis game is useful in party’, cafe and in travelingIm really glad.,

  83. Kirthika Dinesh

    Excellent game

    Nice game to spend quality time along with kids, friends and family… any age group can play this game … quality of the product is decent ….

  84. Rohit

    Bad quality

    Very bad quality product

  85. Mayur Nag

    Fun game

    It’s having good quality cards and board and fun to play. Everything is as per the description.

  86. sumit

    Worth buying

    Very good game. I was looking for it and finally found in a good price at Amazon. Value for money. Delivered in a very good condition.

  87. Aparajeeta

    Engaging game ! Kids love it…

    Love the concept of wild & anti-wild cards!Fun game but needs tact and luck both ..Go for it!

  88. Poonam

    Nice family time game

    I liked this game personally as it’s a family time game n a good past time where all the family members can join in..this is the second time I’ve purchased this game as my nephew liked it when he played with my game n so I gifted him on his birthday… I suggest everyone to go for it as it’s really fun, challenging n exiting as mentioned on the box of the game…

  89. Hiten shah

    Excellent family board game

    Had played this game with friends so liked it and ordered for myself just love it non stop playing with friends and family for all age groups..Liked the product and delivery service of amazon

  90. Sweta

    Fun board game

    Excellent board game. Sequence game is new in india and it is quite engaging. The game is suitable for all age groups. Perfect game to play with family and friends. It requires lot of strategy and concentration.

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