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Books that every Kid should read before entering Teenage!

by Sayan Karmakar on Mar 17, 2023

Books that every Kid should read before entering Teenage!

If life can be seen as a series of experiences, then reading is the tool through which we can truly understand those experiences. Reading consistently from an early age is an incredible way for social development, especially considering the large base of knowledge they will have when encountering new situations. Childhood reading has proven educational benefits like an extensive vocabulary, advanced critical thinking, fluent verbal communication and memory improvement, among others. It inspires compassion and understanding through simple words of kindness and wisdom. 

Here is a list of books or authors that every child should read before they turn 13.

Panchatantra Stories

The Panchatantra collection of short stories was written in Sanskrit by Indian scholar and author – Vishnu Sharma. It was composed more than 2000 years ago. The stories themselves are delightfully narrated, with animals and birds often being the central characters. There are 87 stories in the Panchatantra and each one contains a moral lesson. Panchatantra is certainly the most frequently translated literary product of India and these stories are among the most widely known in the world.


Enid Blyton (Famous Five Series and Secret Seven Series)

Enid Blyton was a British writer, who was one of the most-loved authors in children’s publishing. With over 700 titles published, Enid Blyton’s stories remain timeless classics, adored by children throughout the world. Both The Famous Five and The Secret Seven is a mystery adventures with series These “five” and “seven” kids solve mystery. Each book is a different holiday from school in which they end up having an adventure. These books are full of fun and surprises. They tackle all sorts of mysteries.

Enid Blyton (Famous Five Series and Secret Seven Series)

J.K Rowling – The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her writing is very rhythmic, with lots of irony and good flow. Her humor is witty and most of the sentence structure feels quite casual. The books have found immense popularity, positive reviews, and commercial success worldwide. They have attracted a wide adult audience as well as younger readers and are often considered cornerstones of modern young adult literature

J.K Rowling – The Harry Potter Series

Roald Dahl – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Between his 21 books for children and the variations of adaptations of his work, Roald Dahl stories are so well known and beloved among the millennial generation and everyone who’s come after. His books interest reluctant readers. His dark comedy, clever wordplay and imaginative, unexpected endings are just commendable. Roald Dahl’s books delight children and adults both. His other known books are – James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, and The BFG.

Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Ruskin Bond – The Blue Umbrella

Ruskin Bond has written novels, short-stories, non-fictional pieces and essays for children. He is regarded as one of the best children’s authors in India. His books are famous for heart-warming characters, picturesque descriptions of nature and crisp and splendid stories filled with optimism. He has written a lot of books for children like The Hidden Pool, The Cherry Tree, The Wind on Haunted Hill etc. But The Blue Umbrella is a must read book for anyone. It is a short and humorous novel. Written in simple yet witty language, it captures life in a village, where ordinary characters become heroic, and others find opportunities to redeem themselves.

The Blue Umbrella

Enlisted above are all time classic books that every kid and an adult too must read. They contain simplicity, experiences, and challenges of ordinary people.

These books will help your child to be grounded and will also be exposed to many aspects of life.

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