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Leveling up your Study Game : Productivity 101

by Sayan Karmakar on Mar 17, 2023

Leveling up your Study Game : Productivity 101

Have you ever come across a situation where you are sitting in your study chair and re-reading the same paragraph repeatedly, and nothing is going inside your head? Constantly struggling hard to memorise it and still are unable to complete your task?  Don’t worry, the majority of the students are in this dilemma. Students feel disheartened and constantly question themselves and their Productivity in such a situation.

In this competitive environment, it becomes hard for students to cope up with the demands and pressure that parents, school, college or university bring to them. During this, the main aim lies in the fact that students should work on enhancing their skills and increase their levels of productivity while studying. 

Just like the fingers of our hands are not similar, how can someone expect that all students will work and function in a similar manner? At the end of the day, the student should not count the duration of his/her studies but should emphasise the fruitful hours he/she has given to his/her subject. 

productivity in study

Furthermore, A positive mindset and a positive attitude can bring a lot of change in how a student thinks. And here are some ways to implement it.

Ways to Bring Productivity While Studying

  • Choose open and light space to study

Your selection of place plays a significant role in your study pattern. If you choose a dark, compact and closed space to study, it will subconsciously give you an urge to put your task on hold. It will put a strain on your eyes and you will feel fatigued. For having productive study hours, you must choose a bright, light and open space to study. It will keep your brain and eye muscles activated and you will feel charged and fresh during your day.

Open and Light Space

  • Start with your favourite subject

Students will admit that they have their favourite subjects on their list. You can start studying by focusing more on your favourite subject. It will keep you motivated, and you will feel that you were productive throughout. It will keep you adhered to your study desks for a long time, and you will be confident and will gain more zeal to study further.

Studying your favourite subject

  • Make a 21-day-plan

Making a schedule is a vital part of bringing productivity to your study plan. A 21 day plan is a proven method, which says it takes 21 days to fully form a new habit, so with this, you can mark yourself to complete a task and bring that to your habit. This will help in keeping you focused on your main goal and lessens distractions. It will keep you inspired to complete your daily task. In addition to this, it will keep you consistent.

Make a 21-day-plan

  • Avoid Your Bed At All Costs

Always study in a chair or at a desk, where you have to sit up and pay attention. If you let yourself lie down or try to study in bed, you are guaranteed to feel sleepy and not be as productive. If you don’t really have any other space to study, try to sit on the floor.

Avoid bed during study

  • Take Breaks

There is no sense in trying to study for 10-12 hours straight if your body and mind can’t handle that. After the first few hours, you are going to get tired, and your brain won’t be able to absorb and retain information. So in that case, It’s okay to take periodic breaks during the day. It shouldn’t be a long break, a 15 minute break to walk around the house, eat healthy food, sit with your eyes closed to relax your mind, listen to soft music, recharge yourself, and be ready to tackle your task again.

Taking breaks while studying

By following these methods, one can implement productivity in their studying schedule. These ways will not only enhance their subject knowledge but will keep them pinned for a long duration.

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