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Impact of Board Games on Business Minds

by Sayan Karmakar on Mar 17, 2023

Impact of Board Games on Business Minds

Board games offer a fantastic learning environment for strategy and leadership. Most effective business executives keep their strategic skills fresh by playing certain board games, honing and polishing their business movements, and planning ahead of time. Sharp board games assist prospective entrepreneurs and future leaders assess complex and challenging circumstances and work assessing complex and challenging circumstances and working toward realistic solutions. Board games replicate real-life events, and with each level, one is introduced to more complexities. Board games teach patience and stress management.

Let us steer towards some games that are perhaps well known and teach business skills:


Pictionary  – It is a well-known game that requires observational and empathy-based skills: What can you rapidly draw that your colleagues will immediately understand?

Thewhodunit in Clue helps us hone our logical thinking abilities. Pictionary, especially when played in groups, can teach us the importance of having a diverse knowledge set.


Chess – Chess players are well aware of the proverb “a terrible plan is better than no plan at all.” 

Moving your pieces without a larger purpose in mind will get you nowhere. Worse, it can waste crucial time and, finally, the game. The same may be said for business. Chess can help you establish the habit of taking a step back and looking at the larger picture.  Everyone begins with limited resources in chess, and it is up to each player to decide how to best use those resources to achieve their goal. Corporate executives must also understand how to maximize their resources. A successful businessperson is always aiming to optimize output with the least expenditure, whether it be money, time, or the talents of their team.


Ludo – We move on to one of the most famous and the partner of our lockdown days. It doesn’t matter who goes first. You may be the last to roll a 6, but if you play correctly, you can win. The same is true in corporate life. It all boils down to waiting patiently for the appropriate moment to make your move. Those who appear to be far behind in life may surprise you in the end. The one you thought was weak may turn out to be plucky and win it all. As a result, never undervalue your competition or exaggerate yourself.

Some play defensively, while others play offensively, and you must integrate both in real life. How far do you think you’ll get by playing the nice guy if they’re playing on offense? As a result, strategize. You’ll be surprised at how fruitful you can be.


Monopoly – What lessons can we draw from Monopoly? ROI is undeniably important. The art of the deal changes as well: it is rare to roll your way to a monopoly;

Instead, you must purchase up the properties you land on and then bargain with other players to improve your position on the board. Of sure, they are excellent lessons.

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